Wednesday, 9 April 2014

oh my!

during my midterm holiday, I really hoping that I can rest my whole body at home and stay away from the assignments and all that that relate to university matters. But seems that all my hoping was ruin just now. 

by listing all the works that must settle after the midterm semester, I feel like really burden to be a university student which to be specific be a QS student. after midterm, i have to do my presentation on my thesis proposal, complete my grouping assignment, japanese test.! OH MY! my sweet time really gone slowly and mind and soul start to mess and I feel like to cry right now.

think about my works, think about my relationship, and think about my future. if I follow my heart, I feel like to quit, but when Im thinking about my parents hope, I dont want to do so.. 

and the best thing, put your hand to your heart and slowly speak "all ezz well"  like 3idiots movie.
do lot of work, less your speak..  and keep smiling. go irah !

kecelaruan mood

if aku dapat putarkan masa. aku akan betulkan kesilapan aku. aku memang cepat naek angin dengan orang.seriously. this is my negative side. i admit that. and now on, die pun dah sedih dengan aku. dah 2 kali aku cakap benda yang menyakitkan hati die. tapi aku xsengaja......

if aku xsayang die. aku xdela mengharap die selalu ada dengan aku. 
if aq xsyg die, aq xdela cari die lps aku sedar silap aku..
if aq xsayang die. aq xdelah pikir nak jadi yg terbaik utk die..
if aku xsyg die, xdelah die dlm ingatan aku..
if aq xsyg die, aq xkn rasa sedih mcm skrg nie..

tapi die.. mnx masa utk bersendiri. xbgi aku rindu die.. and jangan cari die within the specific period which he means during his final exam.. its ok. I admit that Im wrong by doing like this to you.. 

*one thing I want to say to you.. SORRY..