Tuesday, 18 February 2014

praktikal again.

kadang2. aku rasa macam dianaktirikan kat tmpt kje aku sndiri. almaklumlah. aku nie QS, bukan bdk civil eng. so layanan xbpela nk mesra alam. rasa mcm diabaikan je. more to like doing my own work.that the things that I can describe. I know, they all are busy with their work but as a student practical trainnee at there,I dont know nothing about the works.nama pun first time.but can they give attention equally not partially, not just it because im a just little QS rite here.

im always said to my heart. not be feel jealousy to them because they get a lot attention from the staffs here. 
they are little youngs.pujuk hati pelan2. its ok.im here for another 2 weeks. then officially ends my practical training for this sem. keep calm and continue with your work. thats better.